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Details on AtMoDat

A more detailed description of the AtMoDat is provided here.

AtMoDat Logo Crop3The exchange and interpretation of climate model data is of importance far beyond the climate research community, but is currently hampered by the lack of comprehensive quality assurance measures and coordinated curation criteria. In meteorology and climate research, data quality and data curation standards are primarily established and applied in large, internationally coordinated model intercomparison studies (MIPs, e.g. Coupled Model Intercomparison Project - CMIP) in order to ensure effective partial and subsequent usability of research data.

In this project, it will be investigated whether these standards and conventions based on CMIP can be systematically adapted to further areas of meteorology and climate research. This will be done in exchange with the expert communities. On the one hand, a full CMIP adaptation for smaller MIPs seems to be very elaborately  and  too costly and  therefore a reduced standard has to be developed. On the other hand, standards and conventions are needed for urban climate research with its very high-resolution data – a research area without an established data standard. The results of the project will  be applied in practice to existing atmospheric model data (data preparation and long-term archiving) and evaluated for their universal usability.

In addition, the results establish blueprints for curation criteria and standardizations that can be applied to other areas of climate research, which significantly increase reproducibility and verifiability and also support interdisciplinary re-use of climate model data.

In addition, in order to facilitate the selection of research data by subsequent users, the DataCite metadata schema will be extended in a subject-specific way. Information on discipline-specific quality checks for published data and on the curation processes are planned to be included. This information must be linked to a DOI branding and visible to the user. Thereby, the value of the DataCite DOIs will be increased and the confidence in their subsequent use strengthened. Moreover, a machine-readable technical vocabulary based on DCAT (W3C Data Catalog Vocabulary) is provided in line with FAIR principles.

A sustainable application of the universal data standard, the processes for curating and quality assurance as well as the allocation of subject-specific DataCite DOIs will be permanently ensured by the participation of the two infrastructure service providers involved. Additionally, establishing the new standard beyond the field of meteorology and climate research will be made possible.

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AtMoDat consortium consists of  a combination of nationally and internationally strongly networked partners from climate research (University of Hamburg, University of Leipzig), an infrastructure operator from climate research (DKRZ) and the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) Hannover. This guarantees high-quality competence covering all aspects of this project and a far-reaching, sustainable inclusion of the results in this field of research. In addition, AtMoDat provides interdisciplinary impetus for improvements in research data management.

AtMoDat is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) for three years.


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