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EASYDAB (Earth System Data Branding)

The new Earth System Data Branding, called EASYDAB, will be introduced soon.

EASYDAB will be assigned to matured1 datasets in repositories. These datasets must have a DataCite DOI, follow the FAIR principles2 and should be easy to find, e.g. with search-engines.  They must be licensed (preferably with an open licence3) and their reuse should be made as easy as possible. The maturity controls will be performed by the repositories.

Datasets with EASYDAB are standardised, following research-field dependent standards. An appropriate  standard defines requirements for

  • rich metadata with controlled vocabulary,
  • the landing pages,
  • file formats (netCDF),
  • the structure within the files and
  • the licence.

All requirements should be easy to implement.

A standard for Atmospheric Model Data has been established within the AtMoDat project, further standards have to be developed. More information about the ATMODAT-Standard can be found at


If you want to know more about EASYDAB or ATMODAT, send an e-mail to



1: Maturity describes the degree of the formalization and standardization of a data object (data + metadata) with respect to FAIRness and quality of the (meta-)data. Data objects mature as they pass through the different data post-production steps. The higher the maturity, the easier it is to reuse the data.

2: see e.g. Wilkinson et al. (2016): The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship.


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