EASYDAB is a new Earth System Data Branding developed within the AtMoDat project. The objective of EASYDAB is to facilitate the discoverability and re-use of quality-checked
research data in repositories. 

The EASYDAB logo indicates that the dataEASYDAB_logo_light_cropped.png

  • have an open license,
  • are published with DataCite DOI
  • meet the FAIR Data Principles, and
  • have been checked by the data repository for compliance with a certified quality guideline.

The ATMODAT standard v3.0 is the first accepted EASYDAB quality guideline. It was specifically developed for the publication of atmospheric model data. Repositories can fall back to other quality standards as long as they achieve a comparable matureness of the published data, as specified in the EASYDAB guideline v1.0

The EASYDAB branding can be adopted by data repositories that store data from the Earth System Sciences. Data or dataset collections that have been checked for compliance with the EASYDAB guideline can be earmarked with the EASYDAB logo on the landing page. The EASYDAB logo is registered and only useable by repositories with a contract. 

Using the EASYDAB logo, repositories can highlight that archived data have been carefully curated. For data users, the EASYDAB logo makes it easier to identify quality controlled data.

 EASYDAB datasets will stand out from others, making them more attractive to download, use and cite.

If you want to know more about EASYDAB, please visit the EASYDAB homepage or send an e-mail to .

ATMODAT Standard

A quality guideline to improve the FAIRness of atmospheric model data.

atmodat data checker

A Python tool that checks your data files for compliance with the ATMODAT standard.